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My bike has been stolen

My bike has been stolen today. *sob*

Upon returning from work, as we walked towards the bike stand, we saw the usual coupliedly chained bikes has become one. My heart sank, knowing that there was nothing else I could do. My wife’s bike has been widowed.

Why now? When I was in China and cycled for 1 year, my spiffy blue-coloured bike was never stolen. In a country where bike theft was rampant, it was a miracle.
As I walked slowly back home, my thoughts raged from cursing the thief to personal retribution to consoling by charity. Maybe that person was a needy person who really needed a bicycle and couldn’t afford one? But why my shiny chromed-coloured with red-and-black markings bike, with front and back suspensions? Why not that next grimy ah-pek (old man) bike? Maybe it’s retribution. It’s God’s way of payback time.

Yes, I stole before. When I was a small kid, with so little pocket money that I couldn’t afford those attractive and curious little things on sale. I remembered those little coloured paper clips that were so pretty and desirable, but I couldn’t afford each for 50 cents. I stoled 3, and regretted that act terribly. I resolved that from then on, if I wanted something badly enough, I’ll earn or pay for it.

So why do I have to be the victim? Have I stolen from other victims? I think so. Let me count the ways.

I stoled from the company when I am supposed to work but I did other things.

I stoled from a person’s trust when he trusted me to full fill what I promised, but I didn’t.
I stoled from death when I am supposed to be living, but lived like a walking dead.

I stoled from another person’s rights when I denied his rights and allowed him to live a lesser life.

There are other adjectives to describe the mentioned ways, but stealing because they are not rightfully yours in the first place.

Losing the bike doesn’t feel so bad now. If it’s retribution, then it seems like I didn’t stole that badly? We never will know until the next bigger pay-back time. I won’t be expecting that eagerly. Better to live more righteously for the universe that we are living in is a balanced one.

The Book of Proverbs in the Bible writes better than I do.

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  1. August 3, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    Don’t be sad. It *sortof* implies your exquisite taste in
    gd designed mountain bikes, which stands out from the
    row of bikes (better than the “ah pek” one) 🙂


  2. September 9, 2006 at 2:50 am


    I visited Argentina (I am of Mexico) not only to know its pretty geography. I also went in search of the wise person, who in his apparently little and disordered writings has spilled reflections of deep meaning for the man : RODOLFO GARAVAGNO. The day that I arrived at its house of Trujuí, in the county of Colored person of the Province of Buenos Aires, the first sensation which I had fué of deception. It is a low, vulgar building if the sight from the architectonic, little suggestive aspect and without insinuating light sparkle some. There it took care of his mother to me, one octogenaria lady of sullen character, that when speaking of its son did not do it in very friendly terms. He, that day had traveled to the center of Buenos Aires to make transactions in Sadaic, that is the union of authors and composers of Argentina, according to said the lady. Later, when knowing other aspects the life of the philosopher, I knew that she was author and composer of several songs that then even sounded by the radio transmitters. He himself confirmed after tapeworm to me more than 200 recorded songs and that most of them had been successful. The philosopher Rodolfo Garavagno either does not have all the aspect of a wise person, but rather of a man connected with the worldly thing. He measures one with eighty of stature, uses the extremely long hair and one has not taken care to dye his grey hairs, he has green eyes, bronzed skin and judging by his waist, he gives the impression of being a lover of carbon hydrates. He is almost fat, but not as much. I saw it with a blue coat and a white shirt and when walking with him by the street gave all the charisma of a gallant of cinema of the Hollywood of the gilded time, single that with that resabio hippista of its hair. Its greater preoccupation is to speak with clarity. Without confusions of words or juxtapositions of concepts. “It is very common that one is confused to the cultured man with the wise person, when to have culture is simply to take a full saddlebag of information. Nothing else that that. The wisdom is over the same culture”, said to me while hablabamos. “And in my country one is confused false modestia with humility and security in itself with pedantería”, added more ahead, “so that I for most of people am a pedantic one. And everything because? Because I know the Argentinean as nobody never has known it in all history and say the truth on his sigular character. But all I do it so that the town changes its extreme individualismo. So that they learn to coexist basing all his to drive in the respect the fellow. But that way, when I leave with some these commentaries, lack that with I leave of sarcasm never says “and vos to me where you were born that hablás so badly of the Argentineans? ”… I was born here and for that reason I know so much. And they chicanean to me correcting me when saying that she would have to speak to me in plural and saying “we Argentine them, incluyendome”….There he is when I say “that to them is the language of the politicians, who always say we and the only thing that it worries to them is the personal glory… Is difficult. Very difficult to be recognized by the contemporaries…” In one of the deepest moments of char the one that we maintained and that luckily I could record with my digital camera, Garavagno wise person he put himself very sad, until the tears and he confessed the following thing to me: “I did not look for the wisdom. It came single wine from above without she calls it and when already he was a man of more than 35 years. But it is a cross to be a wise person. A indescriptible suffering. Perhaps it is the finished symbol more of the crucifixión of Jesus Christ. When I separate a little from the daily circumstances and I watch myself at my same one between people, it is because I see that minute by minute, somebody approaches my with a hammer to strike on the nails that cross my hands or my pieses, and that that way takes the lance that crosses my chest and they give a cruelty turn him… If he appeared to me an angel and it gave me to choose between two things: To fulfill all my sentimental and material dreams or to clear this wisdom, would not doubt nor a moment to me in choosing the latest. I healthily envy the simple men, to the ignorante. Quiesiera to be one more. That is what much people do not understand. Mine it is not boastfulness, is outcry. I suffer more than they… although everyone knows the magnitude of its suffering, to my seems to me that I undergo more… “ When I interrogated it on its creative talent, Rodolfo Garavagno said to me “Like composer is a mediocre one who has composed some successful songs, but is to years light of the great composers of history. Like poet I do not pleasure to me. And like man of cinema, that that is what I have been looking for to do for few years, little I can say because not yet I have made no great film”. Their conversations always derive in the cinema almost of febrile, enthusiastic way. There it is when its face rejuvenece, when its glance of man who watches the centuries returns chispeante and until with childhood lightning. “I love Hollywood. I was there in three opportunities and is in no place of the planet would feel to me happier than there. But this uncontrolled passion to make cinema arrived already at my to the return of my last trip 3 years ago. If I had felt to the cinema with as much intensity as now, she had never returned from Hollywood”. “The wisdom does not have anything to do with the talent…” it affirmed with firm conviction. The talent is an impulse that moves like a pendulum between the feelings and the mind. However the wisdom is mental one hundred percents. So that it don’t mention it does not serve to me to be a wise person to make a good film “. To the question of like fué that never filmed being younger, the philosopher responds to me: “Good. I am not so old, as soon as I finish turning 50 years and if I speak of cinema I put myself like an adolescent. If that I did cinema being younger. It had twenty and some of years. It had gained almost 30 thousand dollars by collections of author rights and I decided to invest filming a film. Fué during year 1979 and was called “Hard Histories”. It was a tríptico. First it lasted 10 minutes, the second twenty and the third thirty. Altogether they were sixty minutes. It painted the suburbs of Buenos Aires. The marginal atmosphere of the boys and girls who were going to dance the rock to very particular places indeed and pintorezcos calls “rockerías”. Most of that they stopped there they were thieves of low sum. They robbed clocks, ransacked single houses. They used all to shake caliber 22. And the girls, almost in their majority exerted prostitution in their own districts. The one of night club or the one not to stop itself in a corner to revolear the portfolio. But the one that occurred with fixed clients who paid ten or fifteen pesos to him. And that way, the lights of rockería ignited and appeared the soldiers to request documents. I showed sexual deaths, violations, relations to the light one. Pairs of golpedores boys… with music of rock of Credence Clearwater, Johny Rivers, Bill Halley… When I finished the edition work and began to agendar meetings with a pair of distributors, arose something unexpected. It was walking next to my friends, the street dogs by a path, when suddenly a Taunus automobile stops with three types above. They force to raise apuntandome to me with firearms. They had the short hair, almost to the quick shave. They seated to me in the seat of back, put the sewer to me of a weapon in the ribs, they pressed to me in insinuante form and they requested the film to me. I asked the reasons to them and they argued that they had information that “Hard Histories” damaged the image of the country and that therefore they had to kidnap to him. I defended saying that the only thing that she had made in the film erra show watercolors of the Buenosairean suburb, that my film did not have any political connotation. They insisted with much firmness. Almost threatening and I had to yield. One of them even said that if did not give everything to them, negative, book and all the related one to the film, would visit my house and “they would ask it” my mother. I lowered, I put everything in a stock market before the eyes of one of them and I gave it. From that day I became frightened myself and I followed with my Bohemian and my music…” At the present time, and within its profession like author and composer, the philosopher is on the verge of appearing to another aid organized by Sadaic, organization for which is organizing recitales like general coordinator and writing at the same time libretos. Cinematographically speaking delay to have the sufficient money to film. “I do not return to Hollywood because I do not have the money sufficient to install to me as I want. I do not request much. Single I need 300 thousand dollars. Of the rest, to obtain more money I am in charge. There I have now many contacts, like the people of Hollywood Heritage, organization of which I am member. In addition, I can to say that I can do much by Hollywood because I know it as the palm my hand and have infinity of projects. Not only in the land of the cinema, but projects so that the city of the cinema improves every day more. I can one more be between the people of the American Cinematteque, the Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood Sign Organiztion and by all means, between my friends of Hollywood Heritage. My philosophical wisdom? Perhaps good, to the Hollywood ones he interests to them, but they are too much practitioners. The Americans do not have “rolls” like us Hispanic ” Rodolfo Garavagno, the philosophical and creative wise person is physically a gringo. As I already said, a type with appearance of worldly man. But he is a wise person, and in addition, it has talent. Things that in the world are not easily.

    Samuel David Todman

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