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Past Stupidity or Present Learning?

Today my friend told me that the comment by Karin in the post on “Fireworks and my Nikon” was actually a spam… and I responded to it!

My friend: “Hahahaha! It was a spam and you wrote back thanking it.”

Hey, I was being polite. It shows that my upbringing was on the right path.

Me: “Ok lah, don’t rub salt into the wound already.”

My friend: “It’s ok, I responded to one before too.”

I am speechless… I guess it’s funny when something reminds us of our own stupid past.

That reminds me of a conversation that I was having with another friend in the morning. We were discussing about her son growing up, getting wiser and wanting to make his own decisions. She felt frustrated sometimes. I guess the frustration comes from a mum advising her son not to do something, and yet he insists on having his way.

So I said that it was part of learning process. Sometimes, we have to do something stupid, get burnt on the fingers and learn that we shouldn’t have done that.

Reminds me of the time when I was young and I needed to put a 2-pin plug into a 3-pin socket. As there was a safety lock in the 3-pin socket, I needed to push the top slot in before I could push in the 2-pin plug into the bottom 2 slots of the socket. I used a metal pin and stuck it into the top slot, and was electrocuted for a short 1 second or so. My mum who was on the phone, saw me froze and told her friend that she has to go because she thinks something’s happening to me. Fortunately, my fingers went laxed and the contact with the metal pin was dropped. I guess that saved my life.

Lesson learnt:

1. Never stick something metallic into a power socket.

2. Electricity flowing through the body has an interesting sensation, but can kill.

3. Making someone worry is irresponsible and they don’t find it fun. I was lucky to get away with a earful of scolding.

4. Once electricity flowed through the body, it doesn’t stay in the body. My brother came and said to wash my hands under the tap, because water can conduct electricity, so the residual electricity will be washed away. My mum scolded us for wasting the water, and went away muttering “Stupid!”. I guess she was still a bit shaken by the incident.

Learning is good. It makes us wiser. Just don’t get hurt in the process.

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  1. Judy Nai
    August 18, 2006 at 2:25 pm

    I guess not forgetting your little experience with the camera also when you’re young 😛

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