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Initial D Sunday

So here I am, logged on to the Internet on Sunday.  For a few reasons.

I remembered that I have to activate the new workflow for the Jira system in my company, else everybody’s starting to get a big pile of issues under their To-Do list even though the issue is already closed.  Unfortunately, I got an error while switching over, so I’m just sitting here waiting for it to complete.  I remembered encountering the same error before and it was a timeout issue.

So here I am writing some chatter.

Wife’s having some stomach problems.  Not sure if it’s due to the BBQ last night, or her buffet lunch.  I’m guessing that she ate too much, but she insisted that it was the last barbequed stingray.  It’s always the “last” mouthful that spoils everything.  Nevertheless, I’m required to play nanny today.

Later, we still have to pop by my mum’s place.  We promised her the roasted duck from Carrefour.  She likes it, we promised, and now I’m trying to get Mrs. back on her feet.

So I got the Initial D movie while shopping for the roasted duck earlier.  Maybe the heart thumping car drifts can get Mrs. back on her feet earlier?  Seem to have did the trick.  We enjoyed it, and the sour-in-a-tangy-way of it was that pretty girl was kept by this sugar daddy because of her poor circumstances.  Awww… being the girlfriend of the main actor, that worked as the cliff-hanger just before the big race.  Will he be distracted and lose the race?  I’m a sucker for happy endings, but slightly bitter ending was quite suitable for this movie.

Now I’m surfing around checking out Initial D, and there’s a whole load of anime movies!  Wow, enough to the rest of 2006 take on an anime memory print.

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