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My new bike

September 10, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

I got a new bike. I got it about 3 weeks back through the Internet. This Kevin chap was able to deliver it right to my doorstep, and the price was quite reasonable. So I took the risk.

This time, I decided to get a black bike. It has to be as discrete and unappealing as possible. If it could escape human radar, I would get it.

So Kevin did deliver it. He said that he took the liberty to spray some red on it so that it won’t look so plain. He matched it with silver for the front legs. Ok, someone with initiative. I don’t want to fault him for that. I always believe someone with initiative is a person with some talents and pride in his work. Until I stripped off the thick paper wrapping when Kevin had already left. You could see from the pictures that it’s really a red bike with some black at the edges. Looks like a half-cooked crab. I had second thoughts about his initiative. The consolation is that we’re back to a couple’s bike combination.

Now, I have equipped it with 2 chains.  One big nasty chain at the back.  One wimpy chain that was a mistake, but have to make use of it.  I’m getting very poor.  But if someone managed to cut through that wimp, let’s see him try to wheelie it on the back wheel with that nasty chain.


And a basket at the back.


Looks Ah-Pek enough right? I hope my bike won’t be targeted by anyone else again. It is getting to be very useful after a tiring day of work, and for grocery shopping trips.

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