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Happening Sunday

September 24, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Firstly, I got to get the hang of snapping photos like the new generation of camera-photo snapping kids! I missed out on taking a few good photos, and now that I’m writing, I realised my missed opportunities. Secondly, I got to stop leaving my phone’s usb cable in office, because now I can’t load the photos. So you have to live with my writing.

Today at church, we touched on the lesson on the Armour of God in Sunday School, and we did this craft work which the kids totally enjoyed. It was a wonderful idea from the lesson planners, and the craft work involved putting on paper cut outs of the amour, shield, helmet, sword, sandals and belt, on a little paper man. Beautiful little thing! I made one myself for the keeping. I’ll put on the photo tomorrow.

photo-0017.jpg Here’s the photo of the little paper man!
After church, my wife and I went to a friend’s baby’s one-month celebration. Imagine… my good friend had given birth to a beautiful baby boy one month ago, and I was too busy to visit until now. Now this is where I forgot to take photos of the beautiful baby and the gorgeous buffet lunch spread. Lots of people went, and it was wonderful to see how blessed the couple have been. It’s a reminder to get my own life back on track. I have been missing out a lot on my friends’ life.

The lunch, as I mentioned, was gorgeous! I have never tasted such good catered food. Fried rice, noodles… now get this… rendang beef, baked duck in dark sauce, thick slices of fish in sweet and sour sauce, black peppered prawns, chocolate pastries for dessert. They served wine too! The Stormy Bay wine from South Africa was smooth and fruity. I would like to have that again.

Now I’m suffering from a hang over. It was a recipe of the grueling sun, the incomplete slumber on the train and the bus, and the wine on the way back home that brewed this head splitter.

I’ll continue to rest. I hope I’ll be ready for tomorrow’s meeting.

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