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Art of Cartier Sunday

I writing something that I did on Sunday. It’s long overdue, but I didn’t have the time to write for the past few days.

With the intention to visit the Art of Cartier exhibition, I finally visited our Singapore National Museum after it went through renovations. The original building looked preserved, with the front lawn spruced up with new sculptures in place. The new wing was clean and modern. Very nicely done. I have some pictures.

SNM - Old and New

-In between the old and the new-




-The elegant stone facade on the right-



The Art of Cartier exhibition was quite interesting. Unfortunately I do not have the pictures to show as photography is not allowed. A guide is available to walk you through each exhibit and introduce you to the history of Cartier and how each era’s designs were influenced by persons and cultures.

Not only fashionable, the innovations in the Mystery Clock were my favourites.

It’s free. 🙂 So if you like to know more about the work of Cartier, go for it!

When: 30 Sep – 17 Oct
Where: Gallery Theatre, National Museum of Singapore

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