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My mum, the qigong master

Last Saturday, my mum asked us to make a trip back to her home. She had already bought the ingredients to make duck soup with salted vegetables. We had to go back.

I had a heavy head with dull headaches for the whole day, so I complained to her that evening, and asked her for some massage as she’s now a practising qigong (气功) master with massage (推拿) techniques.

My mum gave me some massage, but didn’t get rid of the headaches. After which, she decided to administer qigong on me. That was when we found out that quite a number of acu-points on my body are blocked due to accumulated mental stress, and stress on the heart, so she proceed to give me the whole treatment.

The process was a lot of pain and screaming, and lots of bruises. The bruises were so bad that my whole body looked like a tattooed gangster. My mum commented that it looked like a world map. I would put up a photo of my body if I have a pretty body. But I don’t, so I’ll spare you.

Normally, if you’re healthy, it won’t be that bad. If quite a number of your acu-points are blocked, you’re in for a hard time.

Although the process was akin to torture, but it definitely worked. My body and head doesn’t feel as heavy and dull. My mum asked me to go back for another qigong session before I leave for my trip, so that’s what I’m gonna do later. 🙂

Good health to everyone!

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  1. November 1, 2006 at 11:00 am

    Not bad , free Qigong cum massage session.

    You know, you make it sound like your mom was executing a Submission move that we normally will see in Wrestling. :>

  2. DawnStarBeam
    November 8, 2006 at 11:29 am

    Cool! Perhaps everyone should go for a checkup.
    Consultation fee applies 🙂

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