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Holiday in Tasmania and Melbourne

A summary of my vacation to Tasmania and Melbourne. I was there for 2.5 weeks, so I won’t break it down into days.

In all it was a really good trip. Australia has made tourism an art. It’s easy to travel around, easy to get information, and the beautiful places it has tops it all.

Yes, Tasmania has lots of beautiful places. In one island, you can see it all. Fantastic beaches with blue seas and skies. Ages old forests, mountains, pasture lands, all on one island. The only land to obstruct the Roaring Forties, Tasmania boosts the cleanest air in the world.

We experienced the freakest weather while in Tasmania and Melbourne. Nearing summer, the weather was supposed to be getting warmer, but there were days when it was so cold and the wind went galeily. I remember the day in Melbourne, when Australia experienced 4 seasons in one day. It was hale storming in Queensland, hot and sunny in Sydney, raining in Melbourne, snowing in certain parts of Victoria and droughts in other areas.

Food in Australia is expensive! There are some that are lovely, but all are just plain expensive. In Tasmania whereby most towns are small in comparision, there are only a few places, or none to eat. Be prepared to either cook your own meals (some how!) or to pay at least A$30 per person in a restaurant. The portions are usually quite big, so you can just order one meal to share between 2. I found that to be quite workable because we Asians don’t eat that much anyway. Sorry Aussies, but you guys are eating way too much, and most of you need to go on a diet. The best value-for-money meals can be found in Melbourne’s Chinatown.

For pictures, you can find them in the following pages. I didn’t want to bleed your bandwidth unless you want to. 🙂



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