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Flexible Keyboard

I found a flexible keyboard made of silicon at Funan Center’s Challenger shop today. It’s something that I need due to space constrains.


I could only find it in blue. It lies flat on the table. It’s a mini keyboard, hence the extra number pad and the page up/down keys are not included. I won’t miss the number pad, but I do miss the page up/down keys as I use them often to scroll web pages. The silicon keys do need some getting used to because they tilt left/right as you type. But it’s a very quiet keyboard.

The other plus point is that it’s dust proof and spill proof. The keyboard can be cleaned quite easily. No more worries about drinking coffee or eating over your keyboard.


It can be rolled up and it’s light, so you can store it away when you don’t need it or bring it around in your briefcase if need to.

It comes with a USB interface and a PS/2 adapter. Although it stated that it’s Microsoft compatible, but Ubuntu had no problems if it.

I couldn’t find the company name on the packaging. It calls itself the “AirTouch Keyboard, The Strong, Silent Type”. It’s a tacky slogan, but the keyboard works.

You can get one to try if you like. It costs $16.


I don’t like it.  After using it for 3 days, it drove me crazy.  I realised that I pound on my keyboard, and the see-sawing of the key made it difficult for me to type.  The right shift key has the up-arrow key between the slash key, hence often times, when I tried for the right shift key, I hit the up-arrow key instead.  The space key was the usual long in length design, but due to the material and the spacing of the sensors beneath the key, tapping on sweet spot was the tricky part.  I am back to a normal keyboard and I type a lot faster now with less mistakes.  If you are a sweet gentle person that taps lovingly on a keyboard, I can let you have this keyboard for a cheap price.  That will smoothen away the sharp edges of my wife’s “Check with me before you waste money with lame purchases!”

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