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200 Pounds Beauty

Great Korean romance comedy movie, with a touch of heart in the end.

It’s a pro-cosmetic surgery movie, so if you are strongly against cosmetic surgery based on all things should be natural, you may not find it your cup of tea.  It did touch on some moral issues, so it’s not all that bad.  I’m pretty ok with it.  In the end, cosmetic surgery is a personal issue.  To each their own, and finding yourself is your journey in life.  You can change the outside, but you can’t change the inside.  It’s definitely a good show to spend time with friends, family and that special someone.

Why are the movie theaters’ sound so loud? I could hear the sound distorting due to the high volume at certain parts of the movie. Not the first time… reminded me of why I stopped going to the movies. I saw it at Shaw Brothers Bugis Junction.

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