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Organic daily personal care products

Referring back to my earlier post on “Living a life of chemicals“, I would like to update everyone that I have found the safer alternative to personal care products!

The brand is called Miessence, manufactured by an Australian company named Organic and Natural Enterprise group. Their products are certified by “Australian Certified Organic” and “United States Department of Agriculture”.

Lots of information that you can read up at OneGroup’s site. Take a look at the toxins directory and compare against your personal care products that you use daily. I think it will freak you out.

You can have a look at their products too. Yeah, they are more expensive than your typical shopping malls’ products, but I think your health is worth paying for it. I have made some purchases and I’ll update you all on the outcome of the trials. đŸ™‚

Incidentally, they have a business structure in which you can take part in if you are also looking for a business opportunity and want to ride on the wave of growing awareness in better health. I have hitched onto it because I believe we shouldn’t be victims to irresponsible manufacturers.

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