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Gaim is now Pidgin

As I was grappling with some font problems (looks normal size on my screen, but looks huge on my friends’ Yahoo Messengers) with Gaim, I decided to check for latest updates as I found out that my Ubuntu 6.10 packaged Gaim version was a Beta one.

Lo behold!  Gaim has been renamed to Pidgin!   It’s now officially version 2.0.0.

I have no idea when the name was changed.  I couldn’t find that information on its new web site.  But it’s interface looks a lot cleaner and nicer than the beta version that I was using.  Definitely getting classier.   The font size problem was fixed too.  Keep up the good work guys!

Ubuntu doesn’t package Pidgin yet, so you’ll probably have to download the source and compile it.  No big deal if you have all the necessary development libraries already installed…

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