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My mum the Qigong Master III

My mum went to China (Li Jiang) recently, and at an airport for transit, she bought a book to pass boredom.  The author of the book is a doctor whom took over his father’s thesis on how people with different blood types are affected by their diets.   In the book there was a mention that people with blood type A and AB have more difficulties in expelling toxins from their systems, hence most people with ailments are of those blood types.

Now my mum asks her patients what blood types they belong to when they come for their regular massage and qi-gong sessions.  She was very surprised to learn that most of them do belong to type A and AB.  Now she’s advising us what to exclude from our diets.  Fortunately, mine is contained to only chicken and tomatoes.  Unfortunately, one of the best Singapore food is Hainanese Chicken Rice.

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  1. Rika
    June 6, 2007 at 3:56 pm

    The hypothesis is only complete if she can determine that those that do not visit her for treatment mostly belong to the A-, B+-, AB- and O+- blood types. Otherwise, this may be a jump to conclusion.

    Besides, if I don’t remember wrongly, many SEA Chinese belong to A+ or O+ blood types. So, naturally, she will definitely kena a lot of patients from that blood group.

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