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I dream in colour too, or do I?

During my last meeting with a group of friends involved in puppetry, we touched on a topic on whether we dream in colours.  Most of them said that they dream in colour, except for my wife, who dreams in grey scales.

Honestly, I couldn’t remember whether I dreamt in colour or not.  Usually the dreams that I remember are those with fear, being victimized, highly-charged with emotions.  Something like being chased down a dark corridor, and waking up with a high beating heart rate.  For dreams like that, everything seemed to be happening very fast and blurred, like a camera taking a fast-moving object.  For dreams occurring in very deep sleep, I could not remember those dreams.  I usually am conscious of dreaming, but I don’t remember what they were.

Just 2 nights back, I remembered a dream.  I accidentally dropped my black mobile phone.  After picking it up, and tried using it, I realized my phone had turned to this bulky old generation Nokia candy-bar phone.  The colour of the phone had turned to silvery-grey.

Hey, I dreamt in colours!  Or did I?  Mulling over it, I also realized that silvery-grey can be considered to be part of grey scales.  So did I dream in colours?

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  1. computerpunk
    July 21, 2007 at 10:03 pm

    Just wondering , if a person is colour blind, would they be able to see the colours that they have never been able to see? Just wondering… no offence intended.

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