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Just some updates

It has been weeks since I last wrote.  I tried to write 2 weeks back, but wife wanted to talk to me because there was so little time to talk.  That was about 7am in the morning that I tried writing!  Sad, isn’t it?  So we talked, and I lost my feeling for writing.   After which, I was back in working mode, and writing took another back seat.

So I’m writing now because I’m stuck at where I’m developing.  Stuck between business flows, application designing and schedules.  “How to fit that in?” is the question that I’ve been grappling for the past few days.  So what’s new?  Definitely nothing in the realm of software.

I’m back into application development using Java, with this company that deals with payment transactions.  Using AppFuse, Spring and Hibernate, it has been an interesting ride so far, for I’m learning new things.  Although these frameworks have been around for some time, but that’s the downside being in management.  You know that they exists, but you hardly get to touch, smell and taste them.

So how was your National Day?  I spent it over at my mum’s place in the afternoon, and back at my home with our own-cooked dinner, watching the NDP 2007 over dinner.  Dinner was good, but the NDP was boring.  The theme for the performances was some half-cuckoo idea associating Singapore with the 4 elements, Mother Earth and into the future.  Some age-old ritualistic believes interleaved with space-agey designs and dances.  It didn’t work for me.  What a pity that it was an opportunity to come up with good performances against Singapore’s city skyline, but it was wasted.

The fireworks were too much… so much smoke was generated that the later half of the fireworks were blocked.  The camera angles had to be switched over to the camera-in-the-sky to capture the brilliance of the firework from the side.

Same old songs… One People, One Nation… Together Singapore… to close the NDP.  Yawn!

So I’m just a Singaporean that’s getting jaded from the annual NDPs.

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  1. DawnStarBeam
    August 14, 2007 at 9:09 am

    Oh wow, aren’t you frank? 8) I can only say the stage scripts – about star and etc, gave me goose berries.

  2. September 10, 2007 at 8:22 pm

    Hi Friend, how are you? Saw someone skating the other day while I was jogging in the Lumpini park, and reminds me of you teaching me skating.

    Howis your work? If you happen to be in Bangkok, do drop by.

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