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Back from my annual visit to my in-laws

I would have written while I was on my vacation, unfortunately I was blocked out from WordPress.com by China’s firewall.  It’s really an annual visit to my in-laws.  Can’t get away from it.

Now back home, I’ve 2 weeks worth of dust to clear.  So here’s a summary.

I saw pigs giving birth.  The family bitch gave birth to 2 cutesy puppies too.  A swallow built a nest at my in-laws’ home.  So it was a pretty productive 2 weeks.

I did some coding, documentation and preparation work for the work I’m about to face this coming weeks.  Well, they hooked up Internet back there, so I couldn’t get away from it all.  Nothing much to do except to eat, sleep, watch pigs giving birth, or till the  land to grow vegetables if there wasn’t Internet.

The weather was nice.  Not too cold, nor warm, with the occasional rain.  May is a good time to go to China, with lots of fresh vegetable coming into season.  October will be a better time if you don’t fancy the rain.

Shocked by the massive earthquake at Sizhuan.  Originally planned to visit Sichuan with mum, but dropped it due to cost.  Lots of TV time was used to cover this natural disaster and human tragedy, and how the government and military are helping the victims.  Lots of inspirational stories, miracles, fund-raising shows, men getting into action.  If you had been there, you would have felt the whole PR engine kicking into gear.  Not saying those are not necessary, but it was just a tad too much for me.  Out of it all, Wen Jia Bao left me an impression of a good leader.

It’s good to be back home.

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