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Non stick cooking oil

April 26, 2007 Leave a comment

You know how we have teflon-coated pans, which helps in non-sticking cooking, but releases toxic stuff under high temperatures.  So I decided to go for simple pans and woks, but my cooking sticks to the pans again.  Washing is pretty tough later.

For less degree of pan-sticking, I would use more cooking oil, but that’s unhealthy too.

Recently, I wanted to cook some omelette and was looking for butter.  But the only “butter” that I had was this bread spread made from olive oil and fats.  The brand is “The Olive Grove” from Australia with no trans-oil, supposedly to be approved by Australia’s Heart Foundation.

Well, it worked wonders!  My egg just didn’t stick to the pan. I tried cooking fish with this spread last night with very little sticking to the pan.  Washing was just a simple scrape with the scrubbing pad.

I’m not sure if it works for all pans, but I’m very happy with my olive oil “butter”.

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