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Fedup with advertisements on web sites

April 19, 2007 4 comments

Advertisements on web sites are irritating.

They can be too flashy, which distracts the main content in the web page.

They can be noisy, which surprises the wits out of you and your colleagues if the office was quiet.

They can be slow in downloading, hence holds up the complete rendering of the web page.

No worries! There’s a way to get around them. Just install the BlockSite add-on for Firefox! Blacklist the advertisement url like and any other site that you know of. Your next visit will be clean of the advertisements.

You can’t clean out all of them, but if you can clean out your regularly visit sites, it’ll be good enough.

Thanks Erik van Kempen!

Update: Wahoo! I even blocked out some Google Ads after adding http://ads.* to the blacklist!

Update: Ok, weak testing, I admit… I didn’t manage to filter out Google Ads after all.  When I tried it out, no Google Ads were displayed.  I wonder why… but the reason why I couldn’t filter out Google Ads was because their ads are generated as part of the web page, and not via a url redirect.  I need more time to analyze this.  Probably have to play around with filtering by regular expressions.

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