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My new MacBook

December 8, 2006 3 comments

After returning my company’s laptop, I’m short of one computer to use. My wife wants to use one, I want to use one AND need it to be mobile. So I went over to the White side, and got a new Apple MacBook.

It’s beauuuuutiful! Good value-for-money too, considering how much the other makes are selling for, without the good designed hardware and lovely software to crow about.

My MacBook is a 13″ LCD screen, Core 2 Duo CPU, 1GB RAM, DVD burner drive and a 80GB harddisk. Not a heavily loaded machine, but I’m going for the “lighter” model so that it’s easier to bring around. Bigger hardware like huge screen and huge harddisk will be connected separately at home.

macbook.jpg A view of the operating laptop.

Here’s what I like about the designs.

snapshot-2006-12-08-10-54-27.jpg The power connector is so small, and it has a magnet at its end, so that it just clicks on. No more pushing in and yanking out that can cause the pins to become loose over time.

snapshot-2006-12-08-10-54-58.jpg The adapter is modular in design. There are 3 different connectors. I prefer the direct version, so that I don’t have to lag a long cable with me. There is a cable version if you need that.

snapshot-2006-12-08-10-55-28.jpg The trackpad is huge. Suitable for the wide screen designs.   I love the way you can scroll a page by using 2 fingers on the trackpad, and pulling it up/down/left/right.  Look at the keyboard with its thin design that saves space. The feel is just right too. The only thing that I don’t like is the sharp edge of the laptop. It bites right where your wrist is resting, so it can get uncomfortable after a long time.

Mac OSX comes with most of the software that you need. Although it comes with the Safari web browser, but I found it to be slow, so I installed Firefox. The only other software that I downloaded are Eclipse and Gimp. Mac OSX is unix-based, so I believe a lot of open source softwares out there can be ported over to Mac OSX, so there’s a lot of software readily available.

Alright, that’s all I have so far. I don’t plan to go into details, because those are readily available at Apple’s site. I believe that you just got to use it and see if you like it. 🙂

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