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New washing machine

April 19, 2007 4 comments

I had to get a new washing machine.

The old one started to stain clothes with small black oil stains, or huge orange ones. These stains couldn’t be washed or bleached off. I suspected that the seals at the steel drum’s joint to the motor had worn out, hence the occasional oil and grease leak. Thank God that only old T-shirts and some underwear were stained! I’ll be so sad if one of my business shirts were stained.

So now I’m poorer. I settled for the Panasonic NA-V80 model. It’s the one with a 45-degree tilted drum for water saving purposes. There’s a dryer capability in it that uses an inverter, so it supposed to be electricity saving; and doesn’t need an air-exhaust. Mrs wanted the dryer for the long and wet monsoon seasons in Singapore when clothes won’t dry.

I have already tried it, and it uses so little water! I was worried that it wouldn’t wash the clothes clean, but it looked alright. Due to the low amount of water used, the detergent was cut down too. Now I can foresee my detergent lasting double the washes.

Oh well, the old one was more than 10 years old, and we are one step closer to environmental care. Consolations for the pain in the wallet. 🙂


Ok, by special request, here’s a picture of the washing machine.


Product Description, if you are interested. 🙂

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