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The New Beginning

January 9, 2007 4 comments

As I write, I am sitting on the lovely leather reading chair with a foot rest. This is the new beginning to my next adventure in my career.

Since the start of the new year, I have been busy with the set up of a new office, which will house my new beginnings.


We have got an office with a view. It is situated beside Sim Lim Square, hence lunch time will never be boring anymore. If we need inspiration, or something to spring the pressure off the stress cooker, we’ll just pop downstairs and be entertained by the street hawkers selling miracle cures. There are lots of places to eat around this area too.
relyas_painting_2.jpg relyas_painting.jpg relyas_painting_help.jpg relyas_painted_pillar.jpg

On the 4th Jan 07, we started painting. The painting was done by me and my assistant. With a tinge of peach and cheerful blue, the office now has a uplifting feel to it.


The curtains were just installed today. It has a deeper shade of peach, hence it blends into the wall colours nicely.


Some of the furniture came in today too. The bookshelf to house our books that everyone in the company should read, and the 2 cosy reading chairs came in first. The bookshelf also serves as a partition between the working area and the leisure area. The chairs lean back to a comfortable angle, good enough for a snap nap.

I just finished setting up the ADSL + wireless router, hence the ability to write now. On a last scan, there were about 23 other wireless cells around us. I hope 2.4GHz does not fry me eventually.

That’s the start of RelyAS Pte Ltd. As you can see, we do get our hands dirty so that things are done right.

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