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I got my Mio!

March 20, 2007 6 comments

Yes! It’s finally here! My Mio has just been installed, after a wait of 3 weeks. The demand is so great that the queue to get it installed took so long.

You can get all the pictures at Singtel’s website.

So far it seems to be faster. My streaming of YouTube has not chocked, or hiccuped yet.

I’ll just tell you what was not covered in Singtel’s website.

It has:

  • 4 ethernet ports at the back. So you do not need a switch anymore. Ok, it has wireless too. So you do not need a wireless switch anymore. One less equipment to power up.
  • All kinds of extensions. Sorry, I got excited.  There are ethernet sockets, phone-in socket, phone-out socket, and USB socket.  If you need something to connect to your switch, the technician is very kind to entertain you. Or extra phone, or loop back to your house’s phone sockets, he’s able to help you.
  • There’s also a USB socket. I don’t know what it’s for yet. Hmm… I just realised that there’s no manual!
  • Telephone out socket. Just like the old ADSL modems.
  • Male version. Yeah, there’s a black and white Mio. The white Mio, featured in Singtel’s commercials as a smarty-pants push-over bitch, is the female version. I’m glad I got the male version.

I’m happy so far. I hope the Internet doesn’t get bogged down at night, like it used to when I had the Starhub connection.

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Citibank Singapore’s phone service is down

January 5, 2007 7 comments

I called Citibank Singapore’s phone service today, but I was unable to reach Citibank through both numbers.

The 62255225 (Citibank Phone Banking) was never picked up, meaning that it rang endlessly with no one answering the line.

The 62387777 (Platinum service) was engaged all the time. I wonder if it was connected at all in the first place.

Has Citibank gone out of service? Did it go bankrupt? Or are they facing a technical problem in the most basic fundamental service such as answering a phone call?

I am trying to get in touch with Citibank to cancel a card as I didn’t want to pay the subscription fees over a card that I signed up for free at the beginning. Looks like I have another reason for not continuing with it.

Note: This incident occurred on the 5th Jan 2007, 9:45am. You should re-evaluate Citibank’s service on your own merits and experiences if you are reading my accounting of my experience on later dates.

Update: I finally got through the 62255225 number. I was put on hold for 8 minutes, and the customer service officer tried to put me through to the Waiver Department. But the Waiver Department was too busy, so the CSO assured me that they will call me back within 2 working days. Are they swarmed with card cancellation calls?

Update: Citibank’s Waiver Department did call me back today, the 2nd working day.  They will waiver the subscription fees.  The CSO said that I’m a valuable customer.  I guess that translates to one that spends money and pays on time.  Still, “valuable” does give a nice ring to the ears.

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