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After 3 days of Mio

March 22, 2007 2 comments

Here’s what I have found out so far.

Network bandwidth is good. Video streaming is still smooth. I haven’t encounter a hiccup yet.

The loopback for the phone line sucks. The loopback allows you to connect your phone to any phone wall-socket in your house. As it goes through the DSL/HPNA micro-filter, when you connect your phone to a wall-socket, you can hear the interference from the DSL/HPNA. The interference was bad enough to cause the Mio to not understand the phone dialing. So no calls could be made. The phone works best through a direct connection to Mio.

Mio has a firewall. Lots of presets for games, so you could just scroll down the list and enable your selected game traffic through. No logs though, so you can’t see who’s trying to screw you.

Wireless is set to default WEP-Open for encryption. That needs to be changed, because WEP is not secure enough.

Wireless can be disabled! That’s something that most wireless modem doesn’t provide. The need to disable is there if you are not using it. Surely, less microwaves, it’s good. Chances are higher that you won’t get sterile.

I found out what the USB connection is for. It’s another way for you to connect a computer to the Internet.

The gateway’s password is not set by default. So remember to set it! Otherwise with the weak WEP encryption, the wireless SID being broadcast, and the DHCP server dishing out IP addresses to anyone, someone could hook into your network and mess you up.

So after 3 days of Mio, I am still satisified, and a little disappointed with the loopback issue.

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