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Watch the time, seize the day!

September 8, 2006 1 comment

My old Seiko kinetic watch finally decided to call it a day. Time ‘s up, as he would say.

It is an old model. So old that I could not find it any where on the Internet. But I did find out that its 5M43 kinetic design has a faulty capacitor. Quite a number of Seiko watches with this design has a capacitor that couldn’t store up enough energy to last more than a day.

Well, mine lasted for about 8 years before I noticed that it stalled within a day if I left it on a table. To repair it by an authorised technician would have cost more than $100. To repair it myself by buying a US$15 capacitor, I risk damaging the seals and render it less water resistant.

In that case, it’s time to pamper myself a little bit. After all the crap that I have been going through, it is time for a change! So I looked around a little bit, and oh my oh my… the watches are so cool, so sexy, so beautifully designed!

So here’s my new time piece, the Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay, SMA-223PI. 🙂

p_sma223p1.jpg h_logo.gif

If you ever plan to get a Seiko in Singapore, and you found one that you like, you might as well start bargaining at that shop and get it there and then. I realised that not all shops carry all the models. I only found this one in one shop. So if you are not a hardcore shopper, save the leg work and get it on the spot.

To assist your shopping, you can browse through the catalog here. Seems like the Criteria range is available in Asia only. If you can get it else where, I’m happy for you. It’s a lovely watch.


1. Quite a number of people reach this page with the intention to find out how to replace the capacitor, which you can read it here.

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