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SVN rename – pitfalls to avoid

May 4, 2007 4 comments

Here’s a pitfall you should avoid when you use “svn rename” for files, or directories.

Once you have done a “svn rename”, it is better to do a “svn commit” before you start modifiying the contents of the renamed files.  Otherwise you are likely to encounter “local modifications” messages, or “versioning” warning messages, which can hinder your commit activities later.

If you are already in the problematic territory, what you can do is to:

  1. Copy the renamed file to a back-up file.
  2. Do a “svn delete –force” on the renamed file.
  3. Do a “svn commit” on the renamed file.
  4. Copy the back-up file back to the renamed file.
  5. Do a “svn add” on the renamed file.
  6. Do a “svn commit” on the renamed file.
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