Food in Tasmania

Here are pictures of some of the delicious food that I had in Tasmania.

pyengana_cheese_platter.jpg pyengana_wildlife_platter.jpg

The cheese platter and the wildlife meat platter at Pyengana Cheese Farm. If you love cheese, this is the place for you. Otherwise, the meat platter will be enough for you.


The dessert at Eureka’s Berry Farm. You got to get more of their jams! I love them so much that I regretted not bringing more home. Their jam tastes lovely with crackers.


Another dessert at Kate’s Berry Farm, near Swansea. I didn’t get their jams as I already had a few from Eureka’s farm. But you can get their liquer. Lovely stuff!


The rainbow trout in paper-bark! Oh delicious! We went in not feeling hungry and wanted to get something light so that we won’t feel hungry later, but we finished the whole fish. It’s at a restaurant beside the gas station in Swansea. I can’t remember the name now, but you can’t miss it. I’ll put up the name of the restaurant once I remember. I remembered.  It’s called The Ugly Duck Out.

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