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Pictures from China trip

March 17, 2007 Leave a comment

Here are the pictures that I promised! I told you about a sex-crazed pig humping a wooden bench, and here are the pictures.

coy_pig.jpg Pig coying with the bench

humping_pig.jpg Get on with the show! The sperm will be collected later for breeding.

little_pigs.jpg 4 for the Year of the Pig.

I had the privilege to fire some fire crackers during the Chinese New Year. Here are some of the interesting pictures.

firecrackers.jpg I liked this one because I managed to capture it with lots of fire. 🙂

cracker_countdown.jpg Count down for lift off. One of those loud buggers.

cracker_liftoff.jpg They fly off too fast. I could only capture the smoke.

cracker_bombom.jpg This is what it looked like when it blows with a loud boom. A rare and difficult shot by the camera because the flight pattern was never predictable.

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Being alive

October 5, 2006 Leave a comment

I captured this picture with my phone’s camera this morning while I was walking towards my office. The picture captured does not reflect what stuck me to take a picture. With the morning sun shining through the tree’s leaves, giving it different shades of greens and yellows. The beauty of it was how alive and energising it is! With the old building in the background, the feeling of being alive comes stronger. I think I’ll return one day with my Nikon to retake it.

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