Sceneries of Tasmania and Melbourne

Here are some of my better pictures from Tasmania and Melbourne. Not much of Melbourne because I’m not so much of a city-person. Let us start with God’s touches.

cataract_gorge.jpg cataract_gorge_man_climbing.jpg

Cataract Gorge at Launceston. We found someone having lots of difficulty climbing up one of the cliffs.


After Launceston, we drove all the way to Mt. William National Park. Wife panicked a bit due to the remoteness and the lack of people. I thought it was pretty nice, but in the end we drove to the Poole Beach. Beautiful stretches of empty beach. Strong gales of wind made us retreat soon.

pastures_derby.jpg dusk_derby.jpg

We drove all the way back to Derby for the night. Some nice pictures of the land around Derby. I like the dusky sun set one.

myrtle_forest.jpg forest_with_red_tops.jpg

Along the way to St. Helens, we visited a myrtle forest with trees that are really really really old. Want to know how old? Go and visit. 🙂 The picture of red tree tops, I can’t remember the place that I took it. It’s pretty, isn’t it. It’s along the A6 highway between Derby and St. Helens.

bays_of_fire.jpg bays_of_fire_2.jpg beach.jpg

The beautiful Bay of Fires beach, near St. Helens. Some of the pictures are grey due to the a sudden turn of cold weather. The one with blue clear sky is on the day when we departed St. Helens.

bay_at_swansea.jpg dawn_at_swansea.jpg

The dawn from the bay at Swansea town. See the moon in the background? Yes, it was there when the dawn broke. So there you have it, 2 pictures of the bay with the moon and the sun.

pirates_bay_at_eaglesneck.jpg cliff_tasman_arch.jpg cliff_tasman_arch_2.jpg forest_tasman_national_reserve.jpg

Pictures of the Pirates Bay and Tasman National Park. Not good pictures. Spoiled by the weather again. The forest picture was especially memoriable because of the intense woody scent as we were driving through it.

boat_on_tree_dunalley.jpg seaview_dunalley_fish_market.jpg

Dunalley, ah, you got to visit the Fish Market there. You would think that it’s a crowded place with lots of activity, but it’s really just a wooden house with the catches of the day! But they have the loveliest fish and chips, and calamari. You can find a boat in a tree there. I wonder if it was blow up there. The sea beside the fish market turned topaz when the sun came out on that day.

tasman_highway_from_lindisfarne_bay.jpg melbourne_city_tram.jpg melbourne_southbank_skyline.jpg

I said that I’m not much of a city person, so let’s get it over with. Hobart, with the Tasman Highway Bridge from the Lindisfarne Bay. Melbourne, city tram. Melbourne, skyline of Southbank.

From Melbourne, we went down the Great Ocean Road.

gor_twelve_apostles.jpg gor_view.jpg gor_view2.jpg prettiest_washroom.jpg

The twelve apostles. Tadah! The must see, must shot view along Great Ocean Road. I really like the toilet. It was just along the way before we went on the Great Ocean Road proper, but it’s the pretties toilet I’ve come across so far.

Animals? Yeah, I have some of them. I tell you, koalas must be the most photographed ass in the world! They stay high up on the tree, sleeping and hardly moving. Everyone with their puny cameras trying to get a good shot of the koala, but most could just get its ass.

pelicans_at_bay.jpg most_photograhed_ass.jpg kangaroo.jpg

Waterfalls? Disappointing. The ones that I saw, as commented by an Australian, “Just a trickle.” I won’t tell you where they are. Hey, you can’t have a whoopie trip all the way, right? 🙂

waterfalls_2.jpg waterfall.jpg

  1. January 15, 2007 at 11:31 pm

    Wow. . . it is beautiful

  2. Kim
    June 14, 2007 at 10:18 pm

    leave the city alone.. nature’s infinitely way more enchanting.

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